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How to Use Giveaways to Increase Facebook Followers

A strong social media presence is vital in today’s day and age. Businesses want to draw in crowds and relate to customers in a way they understand. One of the best ways to keep people engaged is by offering regular giveaways right on your Facebook page.  This popular gimmick lets you bring in more followers through Facebook’s natural six degrees of separation. By asking for people to share and like the page, and offering a prize to one lucky winner in return, you grow your audience and encourage people to engage with your content at the same time.

Building Relationships

Building relationships with an audience is what allows companies to maintain that audience. They can always be sure they have people tuned in to their page, reading the posts they put out and taking their advice into consideration. But just as it is with person-to-person relationships, that trust takes time.

That’s where Facebook giveaways come in.

Build up those relationships being selfless (or at least appearing to be selfless, anyway). Offer a monthly prize for regular customer participation. People are more likely to come back to your page to check for prize offerings and results, and will spread the word to others at the same time. That’s new followers and fans for you!

Asking for Emails

You should request that people like the page and share your post any time they enter your giveaway, but don’t stop there. While this method may gain you some additional followers on Facebook, it doesn’t provide you with an email list to send out regular communications.

Instead, request that fans of the page like your company page, share it on their wall, and then give you their email in order to officially enter. Doing so provides you with an email list for future advertisements and contact attempts. Those who have liked your page and joined the contest are already interested in your products or services, so they are the ideal audience to reach out to with ads.

Making the Giveaways Relate to Your Business

If you own a clothing boutique, don’t give away a coupon to buy food. While you may feel it will keep people interested because everyone wants a free meal, it will deter people from your business because it’s such a strange connection.

Keep it copacetic and give away an expensive clothing item from your store or a coupon for a discount to your selections. A prize related to your business helps bring in a paying customer and ensures they try your goods and experience what you have to offer for themselves.

Gaining Facebook followers using giveaways is more common than ever, and it’s fun, too! Companies want to draw in large groups of customers and keep them engaged in the business, and that’s a strategy you can leverage for your own gains. Use giveaways to gain customers, get an email list for advertising, and build a relationship with others in the community and you’ll start to discover exactly why so many people are jumping onto the trend.