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Facebook Advertising Options

When you make the decision to use Facebook to build your business, you have several different options and choices to make. Simply setting up a business page is not necessarily going to get your business in front of a lot of people.

Luckily, Facebook is designed to help those without a lot of advertising knowledge create ads that reach a certain demographic. You don’t have to be an advertising executive to be able to see which posts reach the most people; you also don’t need any specific skills to know which people are potential customers. They may be a certain gender, certain age, or live in a specific city and you can reach them all with Facebook advertising options.

Popular Posts

The tracking of posts on your Facebook business page lets you look and see which posts have the most interaction, how many people have seen it, etc. Facebook will prompt you to make an ad using your most popular post. When you elect to do this, then you get the fun of figuring out all aspects of social media advertising as you are walked through step by step. You aren’t limited to just one ad at a time either; you can take advantage of popular posts any time.


You are in control of how much you spend on an ad. Simply set an amount and a time period when you are setting up your ad. This helps keep your Facebook advertising budget under control, and gives you a chance to see how ads perform for future campaigns. Try a 5 day ad for a minimal amount and see your results before going long term and high dollar.


The options for choosing who sees your ad make it easier to create an effective campaign that reaches the people you want to target. If you sell cosmetics, then you may select females from age 18 to 70. If you have a brick and mortar store and want to target local shoppers, then you can select the area where people will see your ad.

Facebook is the ideal social media platform for business advertising. You can reach people from all walks of life, all types of income and all sorts of interests. By choosing the right demographic and targeting options you can make sure your business page garners a large following, has interaction, and gets more customers than ever before.