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Using Social Media to Promote an Event

What is the best way to reach the most people when planning an event? Social media. It’s no secret that sharing news of an upcoming event on Facebook and Twitter is a sure way to get people interested. However, there is more to it than simply sharing the news on your personal or business profile. There are many tools that make it easy for you to host an event on social media and in the real world. Combining technology with great planning can make for a very successful event.

Create an Event

Use Facebook’s “Create an Event” option to make a whole page dedicated to your upcoming event. You can put a header image up, create a description, and provide details such as location, time, cost etc.. If you want to attract the general public, you can set the event as public so anyone can share and invite people. This is the best way to get widespread coverage. If you want to have the event for specific people, you can also make it private so only the people invited can see the page. Share the Facebook event page on your other social media accounts like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Use Facebook Ads

Create a simple ad for your event page and pay for exposure to your chosen demographics. Whether you want to reach people in a certain area, or a certain age range, you can pick targeted viewers. Your ad will show for certain people while they scroll Facebook.

Reverse Sharing

Once you have your Facebook event page set up, be sure to make blog posts and website announcements about the it as well. Use these links on the Facebook event page to provide people with updates and exciting facts about the upcoming party, get-together, or whatever it is you’re hosting. For example, if you are hosting a vendor event, you can make blog posts about each vendor who will be there to boost interest and let people know what to expect.

Social media is the ideal platform for promoting events. Not only are social media accounts user friendly, but they also have a great reach. The six degrees of separation theory is never more evident than when using social media. There’s a very good chance your event will come to the notice of a newsperson, radio personality, or even a celebrity. The more interest you can gain for it, the more successful it will be.