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Why Content Voice Matters

When you launch your business on the Internet you really only have once chance to make an impression. While you want your business to exude a confidence and professional demeanor, you also want it to be personable and relatable. This is a hard balance to find, and something as simple as the content voice used in your content can make a big difference in how people perceive your business.  If you are having a hard time determining what your content voice is, or even why it is important, here’s a little explanation and a few tips.

Not What You Say

The content voice on your website or blog is not about what you say, but how you say it. Let’s look at letting readers know that there is a big sale going on. If you were to speak to them in person would you scream “Huge sale, today only!!!! Don’t Miss These Deals!!!” or would you say something more like “Did you see my new coat? I got it at ______; they’re having a sale all weekend on winter coats.” Since most of us don’t go around screaming at our associates it’s probably clear that the conversational tone would be the best option.  The more useful information that you put into your content the more likely people will respond.

What Comes Naturally

While you want to establish your brand as a professional and expert in your segment you also want to be personable. That is why it is important to write content (or hire a content writer who understands your voice), that comes across as knowledgeable and informative while also being as natural as a conversation. Humor is welcome; a dash of opinion and even mentioning current event or pop culture is fine on your business website or blog.If someone reads your blog and every post seems to have a different voice, different values or even a different point of view you will lose readers. As you make posts, you develop a rapport with your readers, and having a strong content voice helps your business grow. As long as you stay true to your content voice, you can write posts about any topic out there and figure out a way to relate it to your business without alienating readers.

Establishing your content voice is a simple as speaking to a stranger in line at the store, and as difficult as writing an award acceptance speech. That’s not very encouraging is it? The thing is you can’t develop your voice until you get out there and give it a shot.