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How to Use eBooks for Marketing

Offering a short, free ebook on your website is a great way to grow your email marketing list. Email marketing is just as, if not more, important than social media marketing, and providing valuable content still applies within this sphere. Mobile mobile devices make it easy for people to check their incoming email, and because you can customize emails to reach your customers on a more personal level, it’s a fantastic way to capture their attention. In the long run, this could mean more sales for your company. Taking the time to learn how to leverage ebooks to improve your company’s online marketing campaigns? That’s priceless.

Writing an Ebook

The first thing you need to do is to sit down and write – or at least hire a writer to handle the job for you. But before your writer can even begin, you must choose a format and a style. A free ebook that is being used for marketing should be in PDF format – potential customers can read it regardless of what type of phone, tablet, or eReader they own.

Style-wise, you should always choose a style that’s appealing to your readers. Remember: your ebook should help your readers solve a basic problem, and they won’t be able to solve their problem if they can’t digest the content easily. Simple how-to ebooks and tip manuals that help your readers solve a problem work best.

Marketing Your Ebook

When you offer your ebook online, you need to offer it using a sales funnel that requires your readers to input their email address to get access to the ebook. On your website, you should display the opt-in form at the top of each website page, where it’s clear, visible, and easy to access. Never use pop-ups as Google is now penalizing websites with particularly annoying interstitials.

Combining Ebook Marketing and Social Media Marketing

In addition to offering your free ebook on your website, you should also offer it to the people who follow your company on different social media platforms. You can do this for free by writing social media posts that link to the sales funnel you’ve created for your ebook. You should also include the link to your ebook in all of your brand biographies. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you might even offer your free ebook to a whole new market of people using paid social media advertising options.

Ultimately, using ebook marketing techniques to grow your email marketing list and grow your company’s online following is simple. If you’re looking for free or low-cost online marketing techniques to use for your business, you should create an ebook that grabs attention and keeps readers wanting more. If you’re still struggling with your marketing, help is available; reach out to an expert today.