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4 Reasons Your Content Is Still Failing to Engage

Inspiring your social media followers to interact with you is one of the most effective ways to turn them into loyal customers. Consumers will engage with companies they believe in and gain value from. Not every company gets as much interactivity as they want, though. Here are four reasons why your business may be struggling to get the interaction it needs.

You’re Appealing to a Niche Market

Developing a following in a niche market takes time. Your audience may not have a robust online presence, or maybe most people don’t know about your specific industry. Some markets are inherently unappealing, particularly those that deal with manufacturing and heavy industry.

When you enter these tight niches, you’re already fighting an uphill battle when compared to other markets. Don’t take social media metrics from more saturated markets, like YouTube personalities, as a gold standard of “where you should be.” Keep focusing on your campaign and find ways to reach your target audience.

Your Posts Don’t Catch the Eye

Anyone can post to a social media account, but not everyone can stand out. Is your social media traffic low? Maybe potential followers are glossing over your posts because they look like everything else they see on a daily basis. Do something to make your content a little different than the rest. Use infographics, memes, and videos to mix up your content flow.

Who is Your Message Speaking to?

Now that you’ve designed a great looking post, it’s time to ensure the message it carries resonates with your audience. Ask yourself why your followers want to read the content you’re posting. You’ll need to take your content back to the drawing board if they don’t have a reason to view, like, or share it. Find consistent new ways to encourage followers to engage with your posts.

Do You Provide Value to Your Customers?

Customers rarely follow companies  if they don’t provide them with any value, and we don’t just mean money.. Your products and services may not speak to everyone that visits or follows your page. Maybe a potential customer is on the fence about doing business with you, and they just need a little nudge or incentive. Try offering coupons, discounts, and promotions for your services to keep them coming back. Some consumers want more interaction with the companies they follow, so make your content more interactive as well.

There are many reasons why your social media campaigns aren’t running as hot as you’d like them to run, but often, it all stems from a lack of high-quality content. Want to boost your social media presence? Call Go Digital WSI today to revitalize your business’ digital presence.