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3 Ways to Make Email Blasts Interesting

Out of all the many changes in digital marketing, email marketing remains one of the most tried-and-true methods for gaining conversions available to date. Thousands of businesses use it every single day to drive sales, encourage signups, spur on subscriptions, and keep in touch with clients, customers and followers. Unfortunately, it can be easy to slip into a rut with email marketing. These tips will help you keep your blasts interesting, engaging, and encouraging, all at the same time.

Mix Up Your Media

Think about your last five emails. What type of content did they include, and what was the purpose of that content? If you find yourself recycling the same text over and over, or even the same format, you may be coming across as dry and boring. Mix it up from time to time with various forms of media to keep it interesting.

Try video one week, then toss in a DIY tutorial the next. Then, switch back to a comprehensive long-form article about something really relevant. Then, pare it back again with an email full of useful links or add an infographic. Use visual media and whitespace to prevent emails from looking like text walls.

Hone Those Subject Lines

Your subject line is really your pick-up line; depending on how well it’s accepted, you’ll win that coveted “second date” or have a drink tossed at you (the drink, in this case, being the unsubscribe button). Unfortunately, it’s importance often drives marketers to try and be clever or overly pushy; this is the wrong approach.

Instead, capitalize on usefulness. Tell people what they’ll find in the email and why they want to open it. Keep it short, informative, and stay away from puns and silliness unless you’re in the entertainment and comedy business!

Improve Personalization Attempts

Personalization is a big deal these days; people want to feel like businesses are talking to them, not to just another lead. But far too many businesses just stick a name in using mail merge and call it a day. This comes across as a weak attempt and may even be perceived as disingenuous and cold. Instead, you should take personalization to the next level by adding in other forms of personalization.

There’s a few ways to do this; try using lists to segment leads specifically so you can better target content. For example, if Group X recently bought paint, you might send them special content saying something like, “We see you recently purchased paint; thanks for your purchase. Here’s a few tips to help you make the most of it.” This acknowledges the purchase while also maintaining contact with the customer.

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