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3 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help Drive Sales

When it comes to digital marketing, no two businesses are the same in terms of strategy. What works for one may not work as well for another, but there are certainly a few techniques that should be considered best practice at the core of any campaign. In this short guide, we’ll help you hone in on what works best.

Personalizing Your Message

Personalizing your message means having a firm grasp on your audience and their needs. You may have separate landing pages for men and women, for different age groups or geographic locations, or even for new website visitors and return visitors. It’s all about knowing who you is viewing your content. Universal messages can work in some niches, but they can also become generic rather quickly. Tailored messages are more appealing.

According to eMarketer, those who have been exposed to advertising strategies have had a lot to say about personalized messages. More than 46 percent claimed personalized ads helped to cut through those they felt were completely irrelevant. Almost 20 percent claim personalized messages make their online shopping experiences more efficient and pleasant.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become more popular with the rise of social media. There are tons of professionals, celebrities, and even bloggers who are influential voices in their niches. Partnering with an influencer is a great way to reach a very specific target audience. How you do this may vary depending on what you’re asking for. Some companies offer influencers paid blogging gigs while others will provide products or services free of charge in exchange for a review.

The caveat here is that your product and your customer service need to be top-notch. The influencer you partner with has a reputation to protect and your product will not take priority. While most will talk to you first if they have problems with what you’ve given them to review, you must be prepared to see both pros and cons of your product broadcast to an audience. It’s your job to make sure there are no negative points to report.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been a top trend for several years and it continues to grow in popularity and effectiveness. This means creating consistent, valuable online material for your audience to use and enjoy. Content isn’t limited to text; the overall strategy should include social media posts, videos, infographics, and any other type of visual content you can create.

You should have a strategy when it comes to content development. Set goals for social media postings, blog creation, infographic creation, etc. for each week or month. Even specialized marketing apps are breaking into the content segment.

Digital marketing can take a ton of time that we know you’d rather spend working with your clients or on your own product development. Let the experts at GO Digital WSI handle your online marketing so you can do what you do best!