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5 Reasons Why Even Obscure Niches Belong on Instagram

Instagram is no longer just a cool alternative to Facebook and other social sites. More than 30 percent of internet users in the United States have Instagram accounts, giving businesses an incredible opportunity to reach audiences they may not have otherwise been exposed to. No matter how obscure your niche, a presence on Instagram is almost guaranteed to take your marketing plan to new heights.

Identifying Your Target Audience

People are visual and love images. That’s why Instagram is second only to Facebook right now. It’s a lot easier to use hashtags and local searches to find people with interests you’d like to target. Interact with them a little bit and they’ll likely start following you back. It takes a little more leg work than running paid ads alone, but you’ll be able to more easily identify those you should be following.

Instagram is Growing

Instagram is growing and you can grow with it. 30 percent of the US population means at least 77 million users visit the site at least once per month, and some experts estimate that Instagram usage will rise to over 100 million by the year 2018. Males and females seem to use Instagram at the same rate, and more than half of those using Instagram are millennials–a population that’s already conditioned to embrace technology and shop online.

Anyone Can Engage

Regardless of niche, anyone can engage on Instagram.. As a matter of fact, engagement has grown over 50 percent each year. As long as you can identify some usable hashtags, you’ll find people engaging with your images over time. Add a location tag and your posts will do even better.

Niche Domination

According to Forbes, only 9 percent of US-based small businesses were using Instagram in 2015. That means there is plenty of room for small businesses with unique and more obscure niches to get onto Instagram and capture large parts of their market before their competitors are able to get a foothold. He who arrives first usually makes the biggest impression.

Conversion Rates are High

Social media platforms are generally better for social networking, engagement, and brand awareness than anything else. That said, Instagram has some of the highest conversion rates when compared to other social platforms. Use a bit of creativity when showcasing your unique product and you are more likely to see sales from Instagram, and at a higher sales ticket, than on any other platform.

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