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Here’s Why Images Improve Your Content

Content is still king. Despite what anyone tells you about the content marketing industry dying, it remains the best way to rank in Google and the most effective way to reach an audience – but only if you get it right. That’s a big ask; there’s a lot of misconceptions out there that can pull you off-track and cause you to make the wrong decisions about your content marketing strategy.

One of the most prevalent and confusing topics in content marketing is whether or not to use images in your content.  including the idea that images not only aren’t necessary, but only stand to inflate the cost of content generation without any real return. We disagree – and we’ll tell you why right here.

They Grab Attention

A good picture really is worth 1,000 words. It draws the eye immediately, and if it’s the right image, also immediately sets the stage for the content’s tone and topic. If a visitor sees an image first, they are far more likely to feel compelled to keep reading and exploring your content rather than being put off by a giant wall of text.

They Make Your Content More Share-Worthy

When you share a link or article to Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site, the platform typically grabs an image preview to include with the link. This is important because images are inherently more shareable than text, especially on social media platforms where people are inundated with text every single day. Including just a single image at the top of an article may be enough to convince people to share your content, leading to more organic visits.

They Break Up Long Articles and Posts

An article comprised of 2,000 text-only words feels more like a giant, looming wall of information. We know that white space helps to break up the wall and make it easier to digest, but images improve readability even more when you use them at specific intervals throughout the content. Think about listicles with 10 images and 10 short paragraphs; they’re more interesting to read than just 1,000 words alone.

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