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Top 6 Benefits of Chatbots for Small Businesses

Chatbots are already facing a wide adoption by businesses all over the world. While they can be an investment, this technology is not reserved for big brands with big budgets. Small businesses can take advantage of this technology and improve customer service as well. 

Are you thinking about adding chatbot software to your business? Here are the top six benefits that chatbots can bring to your small company. 

1. Be Where Your Customers Are 

Even if you’re still on the fence about adding chatbots to your customer service team, your customers are ready. Consumers expect their favorite brands to be on messaging platforms to answer questions and concerns. To save time and money, start by using popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

2. Improve Customer Service

If you can resolve an issue right away, you’re likely to keep the prospect in the funnel. With a chatbot, you can provide this quick service, especially when it comes to basic questions regarding shipping or product info. Plus, chatbots run off artificial intelligence, so they aren’t going to make mistakes like humans can. This ensures all customers receive the same consistent service. 

3. Increase Customer Engagement 

Chatbots are surprisingly humanlike and can even be programmed to have some humor. This increases customer engagement, creates better conversation and makes it easier to upsell/cross-sell customers. According to research, businesses that engage with their customers on social media can get them to spend 20% to 40% more. 

4. Save Money 

Chatbots can save an incredible amount of money over time. They are fast and easy to implement, unlike a customer service rep who has to be hired and trained. Chatbots also don’t need sick days, paid leave, break times, etc. They’re able to work 24/7 without needing a break, and can handle multiple conversations at once. 

5. Easy Integration into Global Markets 

If your small business is looking to expand its reach, you don’t need to pay employees to be on call overnight. A chatbot can handle basic questions and nurture prospects through the funnel. If customers have more detailed questions, you can address them during normal business hours. While not a perfect scenario, this allows you to capture prospects in other time zones. 

6. Gain Insight on Customers

You can spend a great deal of money on analyzing customers, or you can have your chatbots do it! After all, your chatbots speak directly to customers, so you can program them to collect specific data during conversations, such as why a visitor is leaving a page or how your brand can market products differently. 

Small businesses can utilize chatbot technology and reap the same rewards as their larger competitors. Is it time to bring a chatbot onboard your business?