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The Secret to Getting People to Download Your App


If your brand has taken the time to build an app, nothing is sweeter than watching people download it. However, many brands are surprised to see just how challenging it can be to see this happen. With so many people using mobile devices and tablets, why is it so hard to get them to download an app?

As with other areas of digital marketing, the app industry has a lot of competition. There are many apps being promoted, and many of them offer a similar experience. It’s hard for people to weed through all of the apps and know which ones are worth downloading. In many cases, people end up downloading the apps that have strong marketing, come recommended by search and have good reviews.

If your company has built an app and you want to improve downloads, you need to get a strong promotion plan in place. Here’s how to do it.

Offer Something for Free

People love free stuff, so capitalize on this natural excitement. You can offer something free that aligns with your product, which is what SpoonRocket, a meal delivery service, does. For downloading their app, you get a free meal. You can also try giving out cash that can be put toward future purchases.

Promote Your App

Your app deserves some form of advertising, so spend time putting a strategy together prior to its launch. Target users and make them aware of your new app; you can even offer a free download or free product for the first x-amount of users. Or, roll out your app to select users so they can test it out and offer feedback. This sparks interest, plus gives you time to work out any kinks.

Maintain a Blog

Your app shouldn’t be a freestanding marketing tool. It should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Keep an active blog that users can read at their leisure. A blog is a great way to validate your app, and it can also grow your user base. For example, Mint grew to 1.5 million users through their personal finance blog. As people became familiar with their blog, they downloaded the money managing app.

Utilize Social Media

Use your social media profiles to share information about your app. Don’t oversell it of course, otherwise your followers will get annoyed. Instead, share relevant content and work your app in as a solution for common pain points.