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Marketing During Calendar Dry Spells


Calendar dry spells are just a fact of life for marketers. Whether you’re a multinational business or a tiny sole proprietor, you will naturally experience times when marketing becomes more difficult for you. Sometimes, you can attribute these lows and dips to the time of year. In other cases, you may find it much more difficult to connect the dots and find a reason for your dry spell. Often called the feast and famine cycle, this situation is extremely common in freelancing and small business for a few different reasons. Understanding why dry spells happen and what you can do to prevent or recover from them is the first step to perfecting your marketing plan.

Predict Dry Spells In Advance

Don’t leave planning your marketing to the last minute. This is often what leads to dry spells in the first place. Your calendar fills up, you’re busy and overloaded with work, and everything is coming up roses. It may seem like a good time to set aside marketing, but what if those clients or customers drop? Suddenly, you have an open calendar and far too much time for marketing, leaving gaps that can cause serious harm to your momentum. Instead, put aside at least five hours a week and dedicate that time to research and new client exploration. Even if you don’t take on new clients right away, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge ready when it becomes necessary.

Contact Old Clients and Customers

Falling short on new client acquisition? Reach out to older clients or customers who may have ended their life cycle some time ago. While you should avoid reaching out to clients who were difficult or who left on bad terms, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with re-offering your services to those you’ve enjoyed working with previously. Very often marketers discover that all those clients needed was a small nudge in the right direction – a reminder of what you have to offer – before they’ll start ordering services once again.

Short On Time? Delegate or Automate

If you’re a freelancer yourself, you may find yourself short on time frequently. It’s something all freelancers face when client loads are high, but that doesn’t mean you should allow it to take away your marketing time completely. When this happens, you essentially have two choices: delegate or automate. Both approaches are entirely reasonable but may or may not be suitable for you depending on how much control you’re willing to relinquish.

If you want to automate, there’s plenty of tools to help you get the job done. Start with a  good CRM or marketing platform that tracks contacts, and add on a good email marketing program. Use programs like HootSuite to handle your social media from a single platform, rather than spending precious seconds hopping from site to site.

If you’d rather delegate, take advantage of your freelance network and find either a talented freelancer or a reliable marketing company to help you out. Invest some of the money you’re bringing in back into your business – you won’t regret it a few months down the road.