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The Secret Ingredient Found in All Top Blogs

A little of that, a dash of this…well, okay, that’s more applicable to cooking. But great content? It has plenty of “secret ingredients,” too. Find the right balance and you’ll almost guarantee readership, but identifying those factors isn’t always easy. If you want to make the most of every single post, you need to read this post.

What the Secret Ingredient ISN’T

Let’s start off by narrowing down the options and taking away what isn’t the secret ingredient. Some of these may surprise you…

Perfect Grammar and Spelling: Sure, it’s a good idea to proofread your blogs before you post them. But in the grand scheme of things, you don’t have to be perfect. In fact, allowing for the occasional bit of lingo, a tossed-in drop sentence for emphasis, or even an alternative spelling for humor is good. It makes you feel more human and approachable.

Length (Short or Long): Long-form and short-form content are both extremely valuable. In fact, content type as a whole should always be diversified. While important, this isn’t the “secret ingredient” either.

Consistency: Posting regularly is important; if you post sporadically, people will lose interest in what you’re posting. But missing the occasional post isn’t the end of the world (and you can schedule on most platforms now, anyway).

Uniqueness: Yes, your blogs should be unique (as in freshly written – no plagiarism or stealing other people’s content).

Being “Useful” or “Actionable”: Again, not always. Some bloggers capitalize on being useful, while others provide actionable content instead. Still others make a profit off of being an Internet celebrity, an expert, or even just relating to their audiences.

So, What IS the Secret Ingredient?

Authenticity. Yes, that’s right – being authentic is your absolute best feature when you’re blogging (business or personal blogs included).

Exactly what does this mean?

Essentially, you should try your best to be yourself. But it’s more than that; it’s also figuring out what you or your business has expertise in and using that to help people.

Ultimately, people read your blog because they enjoy what YOU have to say. This is true whether you’re speaking as an expert or as a brand. Take the “you” out of that equation and, in many cases, the relatability drops. It just isn’t the same.

How can you be more authentic? Don’t be afraid to drop your guard and get personal now and again. Tell a story about a time you struggled or achieved something incredible. Use personal anecdotes as examples – or be humorous instead.

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