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Viral Blog Post Tips

Have you ever seen a viral blog post? One of those posts that you see on every social media account you have, that have tons of comments and discussion? While you may think that these posts are phenomenal, you’re probably wondering how you can create your own to get more traffic and more business. There is no tried and true guarantee for a viral blog post, but there are several things that these impressive posts all have in common. By integrating these factors into each of your blog posts, there’s a better chance you will see some viral sharing going on.


The title of a blog post needs to not only say what it is about, it also has to be eye catching and if possible related to something that is important in pop culture or the news at the moment. For example if you were to write a post about a specific breed of dog and it just happened to be the type of dog the exiting President owns, then working that into the title is a great way to make it more shareable. “Why the First Dog is an Excellent Retirement Companion,” for example.


Whether you choose a funny meme or a topic-related image, it’s important to keep in mind that many people on social media will click on a post just because they like the preview picture that is attached. Choosing an image is almost as important as what you say.


The topic, much like the title, should be something that people want to read. If you can link your topic to current events, then you have a better chance of seeing your post go viral. Social media trending topics can give you inspiration and integration ideas for your post. For example, if you write about sports, wrestling is considered a sport, and recently the “first lady” of wrestling has been appointed to head the SBA. Working a Linda McMahon reference into your topic is going to help you get more views.

It takes a bit of practice to turn your ideas for blog posts into more easily shareable posts that will garner a lot of attention. If you make it a regular practice to use trending topics, write great headlines and select suitable images you may find that more than one of your blog posts is making the round of social media.