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Bing: Why and How it Influences SEO

Filling up your website with content is only half of the battle. The other half is ensuring that your content is optimized to bring in as much traffic as possible. Google is the biggest search engine in town, so it’s natural tailor your websites to its algorithms, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other search engines. Bing sees 21 percent of all search engine traffic on the internet; here’s how it influences SEO.

Bing Reaches Specific Demographics

Different crowds tend to congregate at venues that match up with their personality and preferences. You’re more likely to see a businessman at a local coffee shop than at a fast food joint. The same principle holds true for search engines. Data shows that many of the users or Bing are politically conservative. A large portion of them are also located in the midwest, the Rust Belt, and the south.

Bing Detects Multimedia

The type of content you have on your website is a big factor in where it lands on search results and who sees it. Webpages filled with multimedia like pictures, videos, and audio files are valuable and sometimes essential for your message. Search engines, like Google, are much better at detecting text-based content rather than multimedia.

This is where Bing shines. It’s much more effective at incorporating multimedia into search results than other SEOs. Bing also detects Flash content very well, which is an area that Google falls behind in. What this means for you is that you should include multimedia if you want to rank highly on Bing.


Some experts believe Google’s search algorithm is the most advanced. Regardless of whether this is true or not, the fact is that Google changes their algorithms fairly regularly. Your website may need constant revamping to stay relevant on Google depending on your content. Bing, on the other hand, is less liberal with its search algorithm refinement. You still need to consider updates, but targeting Bing may mean fewer updates are needed.

Excellent Social Media Integration

Social media is a crucial piece of the equation for every business. Expanding your social media outreach makes your company more relevant and accessible. Bing excels at increasing the visibility of your website’s social presence because it weights social media interaction so highly. Users can easily see if their social media friends or followers have recommended the site to their friends. This is just one example, but the end result is more social media hits from Bing than from other search engines.

Bing may not be the main search engine available today, but it’s far from irrelevant. It excels at detecting multimedia and bringing in hits to your social media pages. It also brings in a different type of demographic that you may not see on other search engines. Most importantly, Bing’s search engine algorithm stability may be higher than Google’s because they enact fewer changes over time. If you would like help targeting both Bing and Google, contact Go Digital WSI.