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How to Increase Audience Engagement

Most of our time spent in school is learning how to write in textbook format; this is useful in an educational setting, but not so useful in marketing. Learning how to engage your audience without annoying them is one of the most important steps you can take to become successful with your online presence. In this short guide, we’ll review a few of the best ways to increase engagement.

Include Your Audience

Don’t make the same mistake that many others do by talking to someone like they’re a brick wall. You’re speaking with another person like you, even if they’re behind a computer screen or you’re trying to sell them a product.

Use language that includes your audience to give them a reason to invest themselves into your message. Your posts should be relatable to both your business and your demographic at all times.

Speaking of inclusivity, keep your language simple and relatable. Most experts agree that writing at around at grade eight level is the best way to prevent confusion and ensure that all followers can access your content easily.

Deliver Relevant Content

“Know Thy Enemy” is just as important as “Know Thy Audience.” If you don’t know who you’re marketing to, you aren’t going to understand how to properly engage them in the first place. Create a persona that outlines your target audience’s age, values, preferences, and goals to hone down on what you should deliver content-wise.

Find out what your target audience likes. Selling pet supplies? Keep your posts relevant to pets. Toss in the occasional cute dog, too. Selling garden supplies? Include pictures of beautiful flowers and DIY tutorials for resolving gardening snafus. Link your products to the tutorial for extra sales.

Toss in the Occasional Highly Useful Long-Form Post

It’s easy to get caught up in the current trend of social media shortness; 140 characters and you’re done. This is okay for everyday posts, but every so often, change things up and create long-form content that’s truly useful. Deliver it either free of charge or upon signup for a newsletter.

Don’t just throw words on a page — that’s the opposite of engagement. Research what your demographic is asking online. Quora and Reddit are excellent ways to find common questions. Then, take these questions and answer them in-depth and at length. Include pictures to break up the content and optimize the text with lots of white space. Then, deliver the link to your content via social media with a message like, “We heard you had questions. We have answers at the link!”

Long-form content does wonders for SEO, and letting your audience know that you’re listening does wonders for your engagement. It’s doubly effective and an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone.

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