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Why 5G May be the Next Biggest Marketing Hurdle

Marketing has come a long way over the last five to 10 years. We’re closer than ever to being able to nearly completely automate the initial stages of the process (without dehumanizing it in the process). The expansion of online sales also plays a role in driving success for more business owners than ever. But is automation really the only conversation we should be having? It turns out the answer is no; we also need to talk about the role of 5G and how it’s influencing consumer demands.

What is 5G?

5G is essentially the “next logical step” in cellular data services. Like 3G and 4G, it refers to the speed of the network itself, but that’s far from the only difference in designation. The “g” here stands for generation; each new evolution is an improvement on the last. For example, 1G was analog, while 3G added EVDO, HSPA, and UMTS network technologies. 4G provided access to all of these while also adding in WiMAX and LTE.

The more compatibility included, the easier it is for the network to provide millions of customers with high-quality service. Why should you care? Ultimately, because it’s changing what consumers expect from businesses as their mobile data packages upgrade to better serve them.

How it Impacts the Customer Experience

Higher-quality data impacts the customer experience in a few specific ways. Primarily, it significantly expands the amount of data the network can handle at any given time. This lets consumers to digest higher-quality content without degradation or long loading times. It’s the difference between watching Netflix in 4k and watching Netflix in 720p on, say, a 5Mbps connection.

But 5G also makes it significantly easier to target a user’s direct location, too. What this might mean is that customers demand better ad targeting instead of, say, an advertisement for a product in China when they’re in Omaha, Nebraska. This has also been the case for 4G, which is why so many customers now take poorly targeted ads as almost a personal affront or insult. In short, failing to take advantage of better targeting could very well divorce you from your audience and make them upset.

Augmented Reality

As crazy as it sounds, Augmented Reality (AR) is already here. We’re seeing products like the Oculus Rift make VR more accessible and games utilizing AR on smartphones to help consumers be creative, try on clothing, try out house paint colors, or even play in-depth zombie survival games. This, too, is likely to become almost expected within the next decade.

With nearly 33 percent of all businesses saying they’re on board, it’s time for you to get on the 5G train, too. Remember, it’s all about the customer experience. Low-quality content (including video) leaves customers feeling unsatisfied; failing to provide the same level of content others in your industry are already providing (such as AR) is even worse. Getting on board for 5G right now will set you up for future success. Go Digital WSI can help – reach out to us today.