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2018’s Hottest Social Media Trends

We’re halfway through the year, and already, the Internet is changing, growing, and fluxing. And that means how we engage in digital marketing is changing, too, especially where social media is concerned. From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to advances in technology that make it easier to communicate, people are altering how, when, and why they interface with social media. This list of trends will help you stay on top of the changes throughout the rest of the coming year.

Mobile is Bigger Than Ever

More people are interfacing with social media from mobile devices from ever before. As a marketer, this is useful information for you because it tells you you need to tailor your posts for mobile, rather than assuming people have plenty of screen real estate for apps, images, and videos. You should also keep in mind that most people are commenting, replying, and interacting with your posts from mobile, which may limit their ability to respond at length without frustration.

Chatbots are the New Black

Chatbots may be controversial (Facebook recently stopped the creation of new bots until they fix a security exploit), but they’re still gaining popularity. A well-placed chatbot that responds to people, either within a private message or right on your social media profile wall, can make visitors feel acknowledged. They’re especially useful for businesses that often see the same questions all the time – questions that have simple, easy answers, like your hours of operation or location.

That said, you should take care not to put too much responsibility on your bot. A poorly-structured response, or worse, a response that doesn’t make any sense within the context of the question, is likely to be more annoying than just waiting for an answer from a human.

Video Content is Now King

Video is growing by leaps and bounds, mostly thanks to technological advances that allow service providers to sell cheap data to smartphone companies. Most people now have enough data to watch videos on social media sites; research shows they’re more likely to turn to video over text when given a choice. If you haven’t yet dabbled in video content, now’s your chance.

Not sure how to get involved? Take it simple and slow for your first few videos. Try product reviews, tutorials, DIYs, unboxing, or even just fun, silly listicles (like hacks videos) that inject a bit of fun into your industry. Whatever you choose, keep it highly targeted and useful to your market.

Unfortunately, one of the other high-impact trends this year is a serious impact to organic reach and following on many platforms. If you’re struggling and having trouble finding the right way forward, Go Digital WSI can help. Contact us now for personalized assistance.