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2017’s 5 Hottest Social Media Trends

Trends wax and wane in every industry, but they’re especially prone to change in social media. It’s common for a fad or meme to pass through in tremendous numbers only to disappear into obscurity forever.

Although these trends come and go, not all of them fade away. Some of the most popular trends stick around for years. Here are some of 2017’s most significant trends.

Real-time Video

Live streaming became one of the most effective marketing trends by starting out in a small corner of the internet. Initially, a handful of websites supported it before it took off with online gaming, mostly as a result of the vast amounts of content creators in the overarching gaming community. Live video then exploded on Facebook, and it’s only gone up from there.

News From the People

The grassroots news scene has seen steady growth since the internet became so publicly accessible nearly two decades ago. President Donald Trump solidified that movement recently by coining the “fake news” phrase.

News that comes straight from the people helps us understand how current events all over the world shape our lives no matter if they’re from the Middle East, South America, or first world countries. The truth comes out one way or another; lately many revelations have come from the people rather than mass media.

Employee Advocacy

Brand promotion is a tricky aspect of marketing to get right. Companies attempt to strike the right balance between accessibility and authenticity. Employees who are proud of the services and products they offer give additional credibility to their business. Employee advocacy has doubled since 2013 and nearly half of all enterprises label it as their top priority.

Individualized Content

Targeting the right demographic is a constant struggle. Audiences resonate with different activities and spend more time in certain social spaces than others. There are some lesser-known social media sites out there, but in this age of the internet, you’re hard-pressed to find someone without an account on at least one of the big sites. Personalizing the content users see regardless of the website they’re on is a feature commonly implemented on the big social media sites. The outreach that personalized content provides makes it an efficient way to boost everyone’s sales.

Utilizing Social Influencers

The rise of ad-blockers hurts any company that solely relies on conventional advertisement techniques. Companies are employing individuals that people trust to spread the word about their products. Potential customers are much more receptive to a friendly person than a faceless advertisement. Influencer marketing has become so widespread that nearly all major companies are utilizing it to some degree.

The future of modern businesses depends on how well they keep up with social media trends. Additionally, the average internet user has a stronger voice than ever before, so it’s crucial that you speak to them.If you need assistance staying up to date with social media trends or honing your “hip” personal, Go Digital WSI’s marketing strategies can help. We will keep your business at the front of social media conversations.