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2017 Digital Marketing Year in Review

Doing a recap of significant events from the previous year may seem cliche and overdone, but you can learn a lot from it. The digital marketing scene has gone through some substantial changes in 2017, and many of the changes likely impact you or how you do business. Here’s a short recap of the most influential digital marketing events from last year.

Facebook and Google Own the Media

These two companies own 20 percent of the global advertising budget as of May this year. Their outreach is unparalleled by any company or media outlet. Google takes the top spot at $79.4 billion in ad revenue, while Facebook trails behind at $26.9 billion. Only time will tell how much larger their slice of the pie gets.

YouTube’s Ad Misplacement Controversy

There was some outcry over ad placements on YouTube earlier this year. Many advertisers discovered their ads were placed next to questionable or extremist content. Some ads were so out of place that it seemed like a joke in poor taste. The result was many big companies pulling their ads away from YouTube, which cut their income significantly. YouTube has cracked down on inappropriate ad placements and ceased monetizing questionable content since then in an attempt to bring back advertisers.

Disney Buys 21st Century Fox

Disney is looking to increase their media presence – it seems that the Star Wars franchise wasn’t enough for them. The media conglomerate is buying out 21 Century Fox’s TV, film, and international businesses for 52.4 billion. The purchase will grant Disney the rights to Nat Geo, Star TV, investments in Sky and Hulu, regional sports networks, and Fox’s movie studios. James Murdoch is aiding Disney with the transition of assets and infrastructure, though there is no timeline available for when the merger will finish. Disney has already excelled with the digital promotion of their products, so there’s no doubt their online presence will increase with this new acquisition.

Cheetos Online Museum

The Cheetos museum isn’t a game changer, like some of the other digital marketing happenings of 2017, but it’s just as relevant. It’s a textbook example of how effective digital ad campaigns are. Cheetos of all shapes and sizes were displayed for web browsers to see, including a dinosaur on the front page. By pairing it with a $50,000 prize, the company successfully reinvigorated their digital marketing efforts. It took only days before the campaign went viral.

Cheetos also shared their creations on social media, gaining fans and followers. The event spurred on jokes, memes, and an almost cult-like following, if only for a few short weeks. The museum made the headlines this summer for being one of the most successful ventures.

Many things have changed with digital marketing this year; some changes may benefit your company while others create more complex challenges for you to overcome in 2018. With a new year in full swing, now is the perfect time to focus on your marketing efforts. Go Digital WSI is ready to help your next digital marketing campaign in the new year.