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Save Time and Resources with These PPC Tips

PPC is amazing – but only when you hone your strategy and make it efficient. Without organization, your campaigns can quickly turn into something you dread instead of a source of celebration. But here’s the secret no one’s telling you: PPC work doesn’t have to be exhaustive, nor does it need to be confusing and chaotic. You can streamline your info and get organized with just a few simple tips.

Automate What You Can

The robot overlords aren’t quite here yet, but you can let machines reduce the amount of work you do. Any decision that relies purely on logic within your campaigns can probably be automated to at least a small degree, including filtering information, budgeting and even bidding on keywords. Make those automation options work for you so you can walk away and spend your time on creative strategy.

Efficient-ize Manual Tasks

Alright, we talked about automation – what about tasks you can’t automate? Anything creative or strategy-driven often needs human intervention, but that doesn’t mean you should just wing it and hope for the best. Work on streamlining what you do and how to do it to make your steps as efficient as possible. This means getting organized and not trying to jump around from campaign to campaign with 70 files on your desk – and keeping your email filtered, too. Knowing what you have to do and exactly where you are in the process keeps you on track.

Focus on What Matters

Getting efficient starts with figuring out what you’re doing that you don’t necessarily need to do to succeed. Every so often, go over your task list and highlight what seems to be helping and what’s just wasting time. As you hone your campaigns, you’ll find your results come from only around 20 percent of your efforts; the other 80 percent is maintenance or busywork. Often, this can be dramatically reduced to help you achieve more in less time.

Delegate or Outsource

You’re a successful digital marketer – but that doesn’t mean you need to (or should be) doing everything yourself. In fact, there comes a point when every singular person simply cannot take on anymore work because there are only a certain number of hours in the day. In terms of PPC, juggling too many tasks and projects will almost certainly cause you to miss important elements and changes – and that translates into a significant loss of results or even money.

Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, identify opportunities to delegate or even outsource non-critical tasks. Balance your budget carefully to allow for funds for this purpose; offload some of the weight to other PPC experts or agencies like Go Digital WSI. The real key to success is ensuring you have the time to be creative.