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7 Tips for Dealing with Customer Complaints on Social Media

Years ago, word of mouth was limited to the people you saw in your neighborhood or grocery store. Today, people can share their experiences online without geographical limitations. All of these opinions can be highly influential when shopping for products and services, forcing brands to be aware, on alert and ready to respond.

What happens when you finally get that dreaded negative review or customer complaint? How can you diffuse the situation and put your brand back in your customers’ good graces? Below are seven tips for dealing with customer complaints on social media. 

1. Hire a dedicated social media manager 

If someone leaves a negative comment, it will only make things look worse if it takes time to respond. To ensure you don’t miss any feedback, hire a dedicated social media manager that monitors your channels. This way, you can address negative feedback immediately.

2. Establish a brand personality 

Your brand should have a consistent personality that makes you easily recognizable. When problems arise, put this personality to use. For example, if you’re generally quirky and witty, you can approach a poor review with this type of tone and voice. It will sound genuine to your customers.

3. Be accountable and understanding 

When something goes wrong for a customer, hold yourself accountable for what transpired. Don’t become defensive or try to make excuses for what happened. Acknowledge your customer’s frustrations and empathize with how they are feeling. 

4. Respond quickly 

Always address complaints quickly to show your customers that you are listening and care about their experience. It’s okay if you don’t have a resolution yet. You can let the customer know that you have received their complaint and are working on a solution. 

5. Direct conversations offline 

In most cases, conversations can be taken offline and dealt with more effectively. Some people just want to air their grievances, but for those who are looking to have a situation resolved, it’s best to handle it in private. 

6. Monitor brand mentions 

Your social media manager should monitor your brand’s online presence. Are people talking about your products and services on social media? Is your brand being tagged in pictures or posts? This helps you understand what other people think of your company. 

7. Add some humor 

Responding with humor can be helpful because it reduces tension and shows that you are human. Usually, customers are just looking to share their side of the story and work towards a solution. If you can inject some humor into the conversation, it can take things in a positive direction. 

Customer complaints are bound to happen online. Be prepared to deal with them quickly and efficiently so that they don’t tarnish your reputation. The above tips will help you approach these situations with more patience and understanding.