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Tips for Refreshing Your PPC Strategy Before the Holidays

If you hear that PPC is dead or dying, ignore the hype. Things like SEO and PPC won’t be dying – at least anytime soon – but they do constantly change. It’s important to move along with the changes so that your brand is taking advantage of the latest marketing platforms. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is a good time to give your PPC campaigns a refresh and make sure that you are ready for the holiday season!

Below are a few tips for refreshing your PPC strategy.

Use Holiday Language and Keywords

Now is the time to start thinking about keywords that will relate to the holiday season as well as holiday themed ads. Consider some of your top selling products and how you can optimize them to fit within the holiday season. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Your competitors will be using holiday language, too. Remember, come January, you will need to pause your efforts on these keywords. There’s no reason to pay for keywords that aren’t getting clicks.

Increase Your Daily Budget

With the impending holiday season, you may want to increase your budget so that your ads get seen by more people. This does not necessarily mean that they will be shown to the right people, so it’s important to balance cost and relevance. Still, it’s a good idea to increase your budget since there will be more people shopping. When the holidays are over, you can decrease your budget again.

Review Landing Pages

Your website’s landing pages directly affect Quality Score, so now is a good time to review them and make sure that they accurately reflect the keywords they are linked to. If you have multiple landing pages, run A/B testing to determine which landing page is most effective. Keep the format clean, simple and minimal so that customers are encouraged to fill out their information and aren’t distracted.

Check for Duplicate Keywords

It’s easy to create duplicate keywords in your PPC accounts, but that’s not an excuse for Google. Duplicate keywords can negatively impact Quality Score and drive up pay-per-click costs. Identify and remove duplicate keywords using Google’s AdWords Editor, a free offline editing tool.