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Web Hosting Considerations for the Holidays

When getting ready for the holiday season, there’s a lot to plan. While promotions and deals may be on your radar, don’t forget that your site needs to stay up and running, too. Now is a great time to review your current hosting plan and make sure your site has everything it needs. Below are important hosting considerations to address before the holiday rush. 

Holiday Traffic Numbers 

Between the increase in shoppers and your holiday promotions, you can expect your site to see a lot more traffic than usual. Can your current hosting plan accommodate this traffic? Some hosting plans have monthly limits on how many site visits you can have. You certainly don’t want to reach your limits on the busiest shopping weeks, so be sure that your plan has real-time scalability and no monthly cap on site visits. 

Failover Protection 

Luckily, downtime isn’t all that common because hosting providers work hard to prevent equipment failure. But, it’s not a perfect world so downtime can occur, especially when lots of people are online. Make sure your hosting provider has failover capability, which allows them to switch your site to another server if there are issues with your current one. Failover switches are generally seamless, though there may be slight downtime in between. 

Store Pages Load Times 

Page load times are a factor in the search results, so having fast loading pages boosts your visibility. Plus, quick loading content keeps people in your store and lowers bounce rates. There are many things you can do on your own to increase page load times such as optimize images and reduce redirects. But, it’s the visual elements that take longest to load, and this is where a reliable hosting provider can make the difference. 

Site Security 

Data thieves tend to be more active during the holiday season, so it’s imperative that your site is secure. One of the latest security threats is formjacking, which is where a small piece of code logs your customers’ payment information and sends it to data thieves. The whole process is silent, so you and your customers won’t know anything is wrong until it’s too late. 

Site security is a team effort, and it starts with regularly scanning your site’s code, watching outbound traffic and running the most up-to-date versions of plugins and software. But, your hosting provider can help, too. Your current hosting plan should include regular malware scans. 

To ensure a successful holiday season, be sure to connect with your hosting provider and find out what your plan includes. If you need to make upgrades to your plan or switch providers, you’ll have time to do so.