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4 Social Selling Tips for Newbies

Are you new to the social media world? It can feel overwhelming to jump in feet-first because there’s so much to learn. If you need a few pointers on how to get your accounts running and generating traffic for you, we’re here to help. Here are four tips for social media marketing newbies.

Choose Your Platforms

Deciding where to set your digital marketing roots is an important decision. Setting up one or two accounts to focus on is a great way to get your feet went without overwhelming yourself. Each of the primary social media sites lends itself towards a specific use and audience. Do your research, find businesses similar to yours, and see which sites they’re using. Hang out where the majority of your industry is, and you’ll eventually make a name for yourself.

Find Influencers in Your Niche and Follow Them

Once you’ve created your social media accounts, it’s time to find the big fish and follow them. They will most likely not follow you back, but doing this will alert them of your presence in the field and is a good gesture. Following them opens the door for potential partnerships and points your recommendation feed in the right direction. You’ll also learn invaluable information about your field from them. Also, your follower list shows your visitors what you’re about.

Make Your Content Interesting

The whole point of having a social media account is to post content on it, so don’t be afraid to use it! It’s natural to feel intimidated when creating your first handful of posts. You’ll gain notoriety over time as long as your content is interesting, engaging, and related to your field. You don’t need to post 100 percent original content, so share other articles, studies, and media related to your niche. Once you’ve made a firm foundation, you can start getting more creative with what you decide to upload.

Post Regularly

Consistency is the name of the game with social media. You want to post as much as possible, but there are proven limits to what is appropriate depending on the website. You can post as often as you like with Facebook personal pages, but your business page is different. Tone the number of posts down to one or two posts per day, and no more than seven per week. Google+ has no hard limit, but don’t spam people. Pinterest gets ideal results with a couple of posts per day. Finally, Twitter is something you can go more crazy with.

You’ll see success with your social selling by posting regularly and developing your niche. Need some help getting started or improving your results? Contact Go Digital WSI to boost your social media marketing performance today.