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5 Critical Digital Marketing Statistics for 2018

Digital marketing is the go-to strategy for nearly every modern business, so everyone’s trying to optimize their techniques. What better way to find out what works best than to look at the numbers? We’ve compiled a list of five need-to-know statistics for 2018

1. Send Emails Between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

There’s a link between the number of successful email transactions completed based on the time of day it was sent. Emails received between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. have the best return rates of any time frame. Around 14.8 percent of emails are delivered in this window and have a 21.1 percent transaction rate. Every other block of time during the day either breaks even with or is lower than that ratio of emails to transactions.

2. Notify Customers of their Abandoned Shopping Carts

Online consumers are 2.4 times more likely to finish a purchase then they are reminded multiple times of their carts. Maybe they’re thinking it over, got sidetracked by something else, or just forgot about their shopping cart. A few friendly reminders about their cart could be the determining factor for closing that deal.

3. Use Photography in Your Marketing

Around 46 percent of marketers claim that photographs are crucial factors in their marketing strategies. It’s easier, and more effective, to show your audience what they’re missing out on rather than just telling them. You can easily convince people with captivating pictures compared to only using words.

4. Mobile Load Times are Too Slow

Website visitors stick around much more frequently when loading times are less than two seconds. Additional fractions of a second after that results in a substantial increase in bounce rate or closing the page entirely. Mobile sites are far behind that mark at nearly five times longer. Average speeds range from eight to 11.3 seconds depending on the industry.

5. Mobile Advertisers Aren’t as Good as They Think They Are

85 percent of mobile advertisers believe they’re delivering a positive and engaging experience. Only 47 percent of those users agree, though. Mobile marketing is notably different than desktop advertising, so there’s no one single reason why most users dislike mobile ads. Reducing your load times is a significant factor.

Numbers don’t lie. Learn how to improve your performances by studying them and fixing problems where they’re most obvious. Need some help promoting your digital marketing campaigns? Get in touch with Go Digital WSI to boost your stats.