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Even though many have predicted the untimely death of email, it remains one of the most effective ways to generate leads, sell online products and continue a healthy rapport with customers. Still, not every email is the same. In order to maximize conversions and clickthrough rates, you need emails that are creative, engaging and unique. Let’s take a look at the factors that make emails five-star winners.

Creative, Engaging Title

Think about how many emails land in your inbox every day. The same is true for your readers, so you want to create an email title that is attention-grabbing, interesting and relevant. You can tie it in with something going on in the news or personalize the title with your reader’s name. No matter which title you choose, be sure that it’s clear and consistent. You want your email to contain the information you say it does.

A Sender that Exists

When you receive emails that come from donotreply.com, do you feel a bit disconnected from the sender? You should. Instead of sending emails from a donotreply.com address or from the name of your company, send it from an actual person. This will increase your clickthrough and open rates, plus make the reader feel more connected to your company.

Incorporate Personalized Touches

By personalizing your email, such as by putting the recipient’s first name in the greeting, you improve your clickthrough rates by 14 percent. There are other ways to personalize your emails, such as by having different emails go out to customers who have made a recent purchase and those who have yet to make a purchase.

Include a Call-to-Action

What do you hope to accomplish from your email? A product purchase? To sign up for your newsletter? Be sure to add a call-to-action so that you can measure your results. In addition to your call-to-action, add buttons that allow your newsletters to be shared with others.

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