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In the month of March, Facebook made a big announcement regarding their News Feeds. They will be rolling out a new format to users over the next few months, and this News Feed will place more focus on photos than on text. The reason? Nearly half of the News Feed is already photos and other visual content, as this is what users prefer. With a changing interface, it’s important that your social media marketing campaigns reflect the latest changes. Here’s how to make the most out of the new News Feed.

Add More Visual Content

With more focus being placed on visual content, you’ll want to add more photos and videos. By creating more visual content, you can expect as much as 65% more engagement. Maybe your company already posts a lot of pictures, but there are still many more companies out there that are used to posting text and links. Ask yourself how you can convert these ideas into visual content.

Spring for Simple Text

Text needs to be short and sweet. The only text you’ll see with the new News Feed is what is positioned on the caption of the uploaded photo. Something like “Great food, great times” or “The best pizza in town” is enough to get the point across while directing users to your photo.

Keep Customers Engaged

With the new News Feed, users will be able to filter their posts. This means that your content may not be seen by as many people. It’s your true customers and followers that will keep you around and continue to read your posts, so be sure to reach out to them and keep them engaged with exciting new features about your product or service.

Integrate Facebook and Pinterest

Content that is shared through third-party apps will have greater visibility with Facebook. A whopping 98% of people with a Pinterest account also have a Facebook or Twitter account. Bottom line: if you have a Pinterest account, sync it with Facebook. If you don’t, think about creating one.

Encourage Check-Ins

Activity that is location-based is becoming more important, so encourage your customers to check-in to your business. This will not only help your social media presence but also expand on your local profiles.

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