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How to Increase Your Backlinks

Posted by gordonowens On April - 17 - 2013

c/o: Eduardo Trage

You have probably heard about backlinks, but you may not know what they are or the impact they have on SEO. Backlinks are links that direct back to your website. If someone enjoyed reading one of your posts and wanted to share it on their website, they would do so with a backlink. These links back to your content will grow readers, give your website more exposure and show others that you’re an authority in your niche. For Google, backlinks prove that you’re on to something good because others feel it too.

What’s interesting and sometimes frustrating with backlinks is that you can’t make them happen on your own. It’s up to other people to read your content and like it enough to share it on their own. And, you can’t just influence your close friends and family to mention your website on their web pages. Google knows which incoming links are quality and which are not.

So, how exactly do you increase your backlinks?

The most effective way is by contributing great content. If you regularly update your blog with information that is relevant to today’s word, people will be more eager to read your content and share it with others. You also need to grow your audience that will often share many of the same ideas as you – again, a great opportunity to gain backlinks.

Another tactic is to create a guest post on an established blog. You’ll instantly have a whole new group of readers, and if they like what they read, they’ll share your info and visit your site for more information. Additionally, be sure to participate in blog comment sections and forums. You know you’re reaching out to people that will already have an initial interest in your product or service, so posting a comment with your website’s URL is highly constructive.

Finally, be sure to do your own great job of sharing content. When you add a new blog post or press release, share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You’re reaching out to new audiences on all social media sites, increasing your chances of having the content re-posted. It’s best to write content that is unique and relevant, so use trending topics and news stories to start your posts.

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