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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends

Posted by gordonowens On January - 23 - 2013
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c/o: Ariel da Silva Parreira

Social marketing is never static. It’s always evolving at an accelerated rate to keep up with the demands of technology and the expectations of Internet users. Digital marketing is marketing that occurs over the Internet, whether it’s on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Let’s review three of the biggest digital marketing trends and how they may affect your business for the better.

Big Data

Big data allows companies to store a large amount of information on one platform. Consider a large retailer that stores information from a variety of channels, including phone conversations, product inquiries, online sales and face-to-face interactions. Thanks to big data, all this information can be stored in one database and retrieved as necessary. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools further help determine buyer behavior to maximize profits.

Location Services

With nearly 90 percent of mobile devices being smartphones, it’s only necessary that companies develop web applications for their sites. Not only are web applications important but so are the location services that are tied to these apps. Location services allow mobile apps to better serve their users and provide more accurate information. Although there are still many security issues surrounding location services, you can expect that all mobile apps will be moving in this direction.

Integrated Marketing

When using sources of integrated marketing, it’s easier to reach out to your customer base and market your product or service. Research shows that 72 percent of consumers want to be engaged with an integrated marketing approach, such as QR Codes or Advergaming. Both of these tactics get consumers engaged in the advertising process through an integrated platform. Included in integrated marketing are things like the company logo, tagline and core message of the brand, as well as promotion and communication tools.

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