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Facebook is changing the “deal” game

Posted by gordonowens On May - 2 - 2011

A beta version of Facebook Deals was just released to the Atlanta, Georgia market and it is poised to grab market share from Groupon and Living Social. Those services rely on users to follow their deals through mobile apps or email alerts. While encouraging people to forward the deals to friends, they lack the social aspect that Facebook brings to the table.

Facebook Deals is all about driving in-store traffic and loyalty by granting discounts to patrons when they check in. There is even an option to support a charity through the deals program, a great way to engage your social media following in your local cause. The 4 types of deals available in the beta version are outlined below:

Once you pick the type of deal to run, simply outline the details of the offer to your Facebook fans. You will need to determine the discount, number of deals to offer, time the deal will run and how fans claim the deal once they check in. It is simple and only takes a few minutes to set up.

The closest thing in social media to the new Facebook Deals program is foursquare. This is a popular social network where users check-in to let friends know where they are and cash in on loyalty programs at participating locations. Foursquare has been growing at a tremendous rate, but is still shy of 1 million users.

In my opinion Facebook Deals will take over the social media deals market. With 100′s of millions of user on Facebook everyday, no other social network or coupon site can compete. Let me know your thoughts on the future of deals now that Facebook is in the game.

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