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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

Posted by gordonowens On March - 27 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

No matter what you read on the Internet, the fact is that SEO is not dead. Far from it, actually. The thing is that SEO has changed so much over the last few years, many people don’t recognize it. Instead of it being a marketing tactic, SEO is more like a complete branding effort, which is why many companies are investing...

Writing Content That Gets Shared

Posted by gordonowens On March - 20 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

You have a blog that you update regularly. You show your industry knowledge, include relevant links and even try to throw in a dash of humor. Basically, you’re doing what Google and any other expert in the area tells you to do. But somehow, your content trails on with a few likes here and there, but nothing substantial....

Pros and Cons of Pay to Play on Social Media

Posted by gordonowens On March - 13 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

By now, you probably already know that Facebook has shifted to a pay to play platform, and it’s expected that other social networking sites will follow after. “Pay to play” in the social media world means that marketers have to pay for advertising rather than relying on the organic method to get reach and visibility. Up...

What is Marketing Automation?

Posted by gordonowens On March - 6 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Marketing automation refers to software programs and tactics that enable companies to nurture prospects with highly personalized content. The software gathers information about the leads and offers them related products and add-on items that they are likely to purchase. By offering each customer a highly individualized...

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Naming Your Business

Posted by gordonowens On February - 27 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Whether you’re launching a new business or refreshing an existing image, selecting a name for a business is a difficult task. You must choose a name that is cool, fresh and engaging. It must leave an impression on people, and it must continue to evolve with the trends. Imagine that 50+ years from now, your business...

Short vs Long Content: What’s Better?

Posted by gordonowens On February - 20 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

We all know that content is king, but which is better - short or long? You’ll find that some businesses post blogs that are short, sweet and to the point. The short paragraphs attract readers and are favored for their easy-to-read style. But then you notice that other businesses write 1,000 words or more, explaining...

Is There a ‘Best’ Time to Post on Facebook?

Posted by gordonowens On February - 13 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

With more focus on promoted posts rather than organic content, it’s no surprise that businesses are being more creative about what they post and when. It’s difficult to pay for increased reach with all of your content, so you must still rely on the organic method for some posts. There have been countless studies...

4 Myths About Google+

Posted by gordonowens On February - 6 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Sometimes, it’s hard to shake a reputation, even if the facts surrounding it aren’t true. This seems to be the case with Google+. It’s a social media platform that is largely misunderstood. The ones who do appreciate Google+ do very well on the platform and have hundreds or even thousands of people in their Circles....

6 Features to Love on Google+

Posted by gordonowens On January - 28 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

With the latest digital technology trends being projected for 2014, there’s no doubt that you’ve read plenty about the importance of Google+. You know you’re supposed to be using the site to increase your visibility, but how exactly are you supposed to be using all the features to your advantage? After all, you’re...

Say Hello to the Era of Paid Social Media

Posted by gordonowens On January - 21 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Social media has always been free, to a point. You could set up a profile for free and use social media at your leisure for free. But, with so much noise on social networking sites from an increase in content, marketers are no strangers to paid media. More Social Sites are Turning to Paid Ads Facebook is one site that...